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Student Tracking

Life has become very complex, and the routine of the child, as well as parents, have become
very busy. Children must go to school and parents to work. But parents are always worried
sick about their child’s movement to and from school. The children are innocent being and
the rocketing incidents in few years have put the parents on the back foot. They feel helpless,
as they cannot stay with their child throughout.

Child safety Solutions have become an utmost priority for parents. Many techies have racked
their brains to develop Child safety Solutions, such that it can help parents keep a tab on
their child without disturbing and interfering with the child and child’s activity. Schools have
also volunteered to adapt such Child tracking devices, which are also quite beneficial for
schools. Since schools also need to accommodate Child safety Solutions.

Skool Smart is a smart and easy Child safety Solutions, a comprehensive suite of
Automated RFID tracking system that monitors the journey of child from home to school
and back to home.Many reputed schools across the country have adopted the Automated
RFID tracking system from Skool Smart. Skool Smart has been very beneficial for schools
and parents and are also happy with its performance.

How The Tracking Software Works?

The students ID card is embedded with a Radio-frequency identification (RFID) mechanism
which is matched against the database. There is no swiping by the student or passing through
any restricted gates at the campus, Students just wear the ID card and the technology does the

Before leaving to school, parents should make sure that child wears their ID card.
Automated RFID tracking solution for schools and parents, which has the ability to monitor
and track your child’s whereabouts away from home while EN-Route to school. In Campus
Solution Our technology also helps track children Entering and Leaving school when even
if they travel by means other than the school bus. It also comprises of Automated
Attendance app, which helps the school teachers to save time by eliminating a great deal of manual processes involved in attendance and leave entry and calculating hours attended.

When children are on school campus, they are the responsibility of the school,
In-School Zoning from SkoolSmart helps in tracking student inside school campus covering vulnerable
areas. It is of utmost importance to parents as well as School Management that at drop/ handover
points, children are handed over to authorize personnel only. The Smart Pickup app from
Skool Smart makes it easy. In case the authorized person is unavailable, Parents simply have
to upload a photo of the substitute through their mobiles, which automatically reflects on the bus conductors’ or the
security guards’ app.

Route Optimization solution from SkoolSmart helps in optimizing transport departments
efficiency in route planning and Buses Utilization optimally. Parent and visitor
Management for digitizing the school entry/exits records. In Parent& Visitor
Authentication solution from SkoolSmart where Parents have to swipe the pre-assigned
RFID cards given to them, while the details of every visitor are entered in the system along
with the photograph taken through webcam, following which an RFID card is assigned to the

The system of Automated RFID tracking from SkoolSmart, for Child safety Solution is a
good solution in this modern era. SkoolSmart has an Innovative safety and security smart
solutions for schools and parents which has been adopted by DPS schools, Newtown school,
Kolkata and many other reputed schools across the country who take child safety as a